Learning How To Walk

Desire without knowledge is not good, and whoever makes haste with his feet misses his way.- Proverbs 19:2
Johnny and Mommy enjoying fresh corn at Tom's Farms
          O, how much undeserved grace has God given our little family this past month. This month has been great in lots of ways for me: I’ve been learning in my “Church and Missions” seminary class and gaining strong conviction in my “Advanced Hermeneutics” class that the apostles and prophets used a literal-grammatical-historical hermeneutic (studying scripture). But lastly, I’ve been playing a lot of catch-up at work. I’ve obviously bitten more than I can chew, because I was too hasty and didn’t adequately prepare; it’s been quite bad! I’ve been tripping over myself and falling flat on my face. Nonetheless, my supervisor and team graciously took me by the hand and lovingly “walked” me through my mistakes. I’m reminded that I need to take things slower, to prepare beforehand. THIS is why diligence in what I do is not about quantity or speed; it’s about the quality of work I do. THIS is why my feet often miss their way: because I’m being too hasty.

            Our hearts have been overjoyed seeing Johnny interact throughout the week with a new friend named Brenna whom he played with almost every weekday in February. My loving wife offering herself to take care of another child when needed. I’ve been enjoying seeing these two kiddos “walk” by holding on to something when they really don’t have to…and yet, why can’t they walk yet? Why aren’t they running at 14 months yet?

          I’ve seen some of Johnny’s first steps this month. When I watch, I realize It’s important that he doesn’t go too fast or else he’d fall flat on his face, or hit his head, or worse! In the same way, God has been teaching me I can’t be hasty; instead, I need to be diligent in Seminary, in my family, and now, in my work. What we do as Christians should reflect Christ’s light; and instead of being a stumbling block to others, we should be images of Christ to others so they could become worshippers of our Holy God.


  • Johnny’s first steps and first haircut!
  • Nash has been keeping up with school
  • More established participation in ministries- meeting with others
  • God provided us an opportunity to serve another family by taking care of their kids
  • Opportunities of fellowship with fellow seminary families through Sem-Wives

Prayer Requests:

  • Nash’s work- that he will do well
  • Rachel’s school- Spring semester starts next week!
  • Wisdom and discernment with balancing time
  • Killing Debt
  • Ministry- establishing our church’s missions and evangelism ministry more


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