January 2018

Hi, all! We had a tough but joyous year. We are thankful to God for all the graces and blessings He has bestowed upon us this year. Sorry we haven't given an update in a while. Nash shares a bit more about our 2017 below. 

“He is no fool who gives
what he cannot keep

to gain that which
cannot lose.”
–Jim Elliot

I frequently pray to God to make me a Christ-like husband at whatever
the cost. A year ago, Rachel and I counted down the New Year at home
by ourselves with one of our greatest blessings in hand, Baby Johnny.
It was the evening of December 31st when we brought him home in the
rain. Tired, but excited, we were sure we had everything under
control. I loved Rachel, I loved Johnny, and I loved God above all.

However, God revealed to me that though my heart loved Rachel and
Johnny more than others, I wasn’t actually showing it in my actions or
even my thoughts. Though I slowed down on ministry, my mind was
constantly fixed on it. Though I took time off from work, I kept
thinking of the slowed progress on paying debt. Though I made sure our
family had some time to rest, I held on to appointments with others
that tired us more.

Finally, God presented one of the toughest trials to strain our
marriage down to its bare bones. I felt like I could’ve lost my family
to say the least. I could be exaggerating since I’m still a new
husband and father; but I cried to God in anguish for help. After God
spared us any more pain, I had to reevaluate our home. What things in
life are most precious, and what am I willing to give up?

Jesus taught his disciples that he “…came not to be served but to
serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Matthew 20:25-28)
This is the essential call I took as the husband and father of The
Quintans’ Nest: as the leader, I’m a servant. The more Rachel and I
gave to each other, the more the other responded in humility; and I am
responsible for initiating that.

One year later, God has strongly answered our prayers. We love God
more, our family more, and others more than we could’ve ever imagined.
Moreover, God is still helping us become servant-like as he taught his
disciples. The fact is marriage is an evangelistic display of Christ’s
love for the church. I love God, I love Rachel, and I love others;
there’s nothing to lose by being a Christ-like husband! Although it
took this past whole year for God to answer our prayers, his patience
with us has not been in vain as He faithfully completes the work He
started in each one of us here at The Quintans’ Nest. Praise God for a
serving and patient wife, a happy 1 year old son to train up, and a
patient doggy who takes all that the baby can throw at him.
A Happy New Year to your home from ours.

A Note From Rachel:

          I cannot begin to describe how grateful I am to God for all that He has done, given us, and grown us from this past year. As Johnny turned one, I was able to look back at the evidence of God's work and the various ways that Christ has sustained us. I am also very much humbled by the opportunity to be a homemaker, enabling me to completely focus on the things that matter to us-- discipling our son's heart and creating a home that serves as a refuge for my family, and a place of rest, and a source of hospitality. 


•       Stronger faith and family love

•       Nash and Rachel both survived Fall Semester

•       We’re slowly getting back into Church Ministry (and Rachel to the Seminary Wives program)

•       Johnny is still alive! As well as Mommy and Daddy...

Prayer Requests:

•       Nash and Rachel’s Spring Semester.

•       Parenting with wisdom from God.

•       Bible translation opportunities for future mission work (stay tuned).

•       Our own home to move into. 


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