March 2017

 "I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds."-- Psalm 9:1

Greetings from The Quintans Nest!
It has been an interesting couple of months around here. Johnny turned 2 months old last week, got his shots, and learned to coo and giggle! He has been such a joy to us. He is sleeping an average of 5 hours every night! He is so strong, able to hold his head up and pull himself to a standing position when he is leaning on us. He is very determined! On one hand, it is so exciting to watch. On the other hand, it is a little nerve-wracking. It is amazing to watch him grow so quickly. His face seems to change every day and we are trying our best to document every moment.


Nash has settled into his new job very nicely. He finished his 90-day evaluation and got a perfect score! Still, there is so much to do and learn in clinical research. He is taking his first work-related trip to Louisiana at the end of this month. Seminary has been interesting, as he is only taking one one-unit course this semester. Sometimes it seems trickier when you have less to manage. He has also eased his way back into ministry while learning to pace himself and balance home life with everything else.

Rachel is still healing, though we must say, quite nicely. She has regained most of her strength and sometimes feels like she can take on the world, a huge miscalculation, of course. She has been flooded with a ton of help and support thanks to family and friends. She starts back up with online schooling this coming week, easing her way back into Biblical Counseling with one class.

To top off the many blessings we have mentioned, here are a few more praises:

1. We paid off about $5,000 in debt these last 3 months! Our snowball game is strong! Thank God for His provisions!

2. Nash will have the opportunity to have some paid paternity leave later this year. Here comes some family bonding time!

3. We qualified for a decent amount in Federal Grants for both of our school costs, covering up to 90% of our tuition fees.

4. Lastly, we are dedicating Johnny in front of our congregation.
We hope you can join us:

Please continue to pray for:
Perseverance: Though we have been managing quite well,
we are still very tired parents!


Wisdom in making decisions for the family.
In the love of Christ,

Nash and Rachel


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