John Nathaniel Quintans II a.k.a. "Johnny"

Johnny was born on December 29th at 11:44 AM
He was 7 lbs 4 oz, 21 inches long!!
Rachel was in labor for 32 hours total.

Lolo Jun escorted us on January 1st as we drove home from the hospital. He then helped us get settled in. The first night was the roughest, but thanks be to God as we have already fallen into a great sleep and feeding schedule!

So far, we have had great support from friends and family who have come over to cook, clean, do laundry, set-up Johnny's things and simply run errands for us. We are especially grateful for his Lola Rachel who has non-stop picked up after us so we can sleep, eat and shower. In Nash's case, finish up the last leg of this semester's assignments! 

In our birthing class, we were given excellent advice in regards to "hosting" visitors who want to see Johnny. They called it the "first serve, first cuddle system" where if you wanted to come hold and snuggle with the baby, you owe us a chore or an errand! Fortunately enough, though, 90% of our visitors put themselves to work before we are able to explain the process!


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