November Newsletter

Nash has a new job!

We thank God for the new job that Nash has at Loma Linda University's Research Department. He has been spending the last month learning the ropes and going through rigorous training. This last week he was finally assigned his own clinical trial case! :)

This new job comes with amazing benefits and a nice pay raise. It is looking like we will be delivering this baby boy at Loma Linda Medical Center!

Our family threw us an amazing shower!

We were certainly overwhelmed with all our families coming together to shower us with so much love! We had relatives hailing from as far as San Francisco. We were able to fulfill about 75% of our registries and our nursery is almost ready!

We have a 2nd shower coming up from our friends and Church family this coming Sunday and we are very excited about it.

Rachel is in her 33rd week! We see the baby moving across her belly often. He has quite a personality already-- he responds to certain foods, scents, and sounds! He loves it when daddy sings and plays the guitar!

Along with all the baby activity is a lot of discomforts. Thankfully, Rachel just finished the semester and won't be taking classes again until after March. 

Please Pray For...

  • The last stretch of Nash's semester!
  • A continually healthy pregnancy.
  • God to prepare us for parenthood.


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