September 2016

Seminary Updates + God's Providing Hand

About a year ago, we began our journey at The Master's Seminary knowing it would be difficult, sacrificial, yet eternally rewarding. But we've held to one verse desperately in our hands, lest by losing faith we dishonor God:

"33 But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you."

This isn't optional, nor is it a suggestion for God's people. Jesus says "Seek first God's kingdom above your provisions; they will be provided." -Matt. 6:33

We've resolved to trust and obey God's Word during seminary, knowing that endeavors done God's way will not lack God's support. One of those resolutions is to not take any more loans or debt including student loans. "Owe no one anything, except to love each other..." (Rom. 13:8).

So, Nash decided to drop 1 of only 3 classes this semester because of unexpected financial costs during summer. It was hard not to take any student loans, especially when close friends and family encouraged him to do so. But Nash was sure God's way was best.

Almost as soon as school began, an anonymous donor generously offered the seminary a scholarship to cover any classes students wanted to add. So Nash not only added back the dropped class but added two more classes, making him a full-time student with about $3,600 sponsored in scholarship money!!

Baby, Baby!

Rachel's working hard at school, walking a lot, and eating healthy for Baby Q. She's just finished her first session of classes and A'cing them!

It's been exhausting though. She's had recent asthma attacks and was worried after not feeling Baby Q kick during that period of asthma. After the care and prayers from our family and church family, we were admitted to be sure for our baby's health and to control Rachel's asthma.

Being discharged safely home, Baby Q is now kicking more than enough to make up for lost time! Rachel's still trying to control her asthma. She's using the humidifier hoping her current inhaler will do the trick, and still walking daily with Donny (our mini-pinscher). If the inhaler doesn't fully control the tightness in her lungs, she'll have to go back to try other medicine to control her asthma. We're just happy Baby's ok; thank God, who hears our prayers!

By the way, Baby Q is a baby boy!!

Please Pray For...

  • Nash to manage his time well, especially in juggling full-time work, full-time school, and preparing to be a full-time father!
  • Rachel's studies, health, and the baby's health!
  • To trust God's Word instead of ourselves, and through that the more we will see His glory.


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