August 2016

What’s new this summer?

“Marhaba!” to all of our beloved family and friends from the Quintans’ Nest. This hot summer has been wonderfully full of God’s providence, including an introductory class to the Arabic language!
This Summer, we focused our time on killing more debt. God has been gracious, allowing Rachel to work as an independent contractor with flexible hours; this flexibility is important for us. Also, Nash has been working more hours while he’s on summer break. He’s also job searching and has been offered a few different opportunities.

In the midst of the summer schedule, we enjoyed a nice trip to Colorado, a family reunion, and our third honeymoon in Park City, Utah. We didn’t think we’d be able to go, but this was Nash’s Parents wedding gift to us on our wedding day.
In May, Nash received his license to preach by our home church, charging him (and his wife) to the teaching ministry to remain faithful to God’s truths. Our seminary encouraged him during this process as they know the weight of importance this has for him and God’s name. He preached a series through the book of Obadiah, a book seldom preached from. Now, preaching through Jonah, Nash explains Christians are privileged “ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us…”.
In July, Rachel was accepted into The Master’s University for their unique Biblical Counseling program. Theology is useless without practical application, and this program does not ignore the Bible at any step of counseling, but depends on the sufficiency of scripture to counsel people through life’s challenges. To join this school has actually been Rachel’s unrealized dream since 2011, until now.

Now, without further ado, an announcement most close to our hearts is the announcement of our new baby Quintans! Rachel is about 20 weeks pregnant and craving! She is beautifully glowing. All her senses, emotions, and loved ones around her are heightened. We thank all of you for your love that has been expressed in spontaneous gifts, prayers, and time. Perhaps one of our most intimate moments with our child was seeing his small body through the ultrasound, then hearing his strong heartbeat pound the drums of our ears while our hearts stopped. We don’t know yet whether we’re going to have a boy or girl, but we just pray for health.
Please keep us in prayer as we seek to be good stewards of God’s resources by fighting debt, as we continue learning and enjoying God’s truths in scripture, as we remain His unceasingly faithful messengers, and as we prepare our family for our precious baby. We love you all, and frequently think of and pray for you.
Nash, Rachel, Baby Quintans, and Donatello


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