Baby Bird On The Way!

Hello, all!

As we write this, we are enjoying the sweet symptoms of nausea, vomiting, dizziness, shortness of breath, extreme mood swings and the occasional hot flashes. :) Okay, Rachel is.

It has not been easy to keep in mind, but our amazing doctor has reminded us time and again that these symptoms are great tell-tales that we have a strong and healthy pregnancy.

Our expected due date is January 5th, which marks us at 17 weeks. (Yes, that sonogram is from 6 weeks. It's old.)

Please join us in praying for this little babe! Pray for a continually healthy pregnancy, safe delivery and for mom and dad to get ready!

We are so grateful for ALL our parents who have been with us in every step of the way. Our siblings are also attentive to every single detail (Even sympathy nausea)! We are loving it.


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