Updates and Changes

Greetings, Family and Friends!

A lot of changes are going on over here.

Our trip was so much fun! Greece was eye-opening-- just as we had hoped it would be. Italy was breath-taking. And, Denmark, we wouldn't mind moving to. It was an intimate time of getting to know each other (and a lot of self-discovery as well). Out of all the places we have seen, Patmos, Greece is our most highly recommended.

Pictured above is Elia from Thessaloniki, a Christian brother with an amazing testimony.
Returning to reality was not a bad thing at all. By the 5th week abroad, we were dying to get home to our cozy little apartment and sleep in our own bed and cook in our own kitchen, seeing our family and friends.

Rachel is doing her jewelry as a full-time gig! It has been challenging and exciting-- allowing much flexibility in time and more opportunities to do discipleship meetings with other young women.

Nash is starting his first semester at the Master's Seminary at the end of this month.

Alongside those changes are a prayerful consideration of moving to Sun Valley, CA to be close to the seminary. We would end up having to uproot but the support and community that the seminary offers might be good training, not to mention the commuting from Riverside to LA county.

We have been studying the book of Proverbs each day aside from our personal readings and are reading "The Intimate Marriage" by R.C. Sproul together.

Please let us know if there is anything we can pray for on your behalf. And please include us in your prayers, too:

1. Wisdom and Discernment in moving.
2. Better successes in Rachel's business.
3. Strength in getting Nash through seminary.
4. Graduating debt-free!

In Christ,
Nash and Rachel Quintans


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