Hi, Friends! Hi, Family!

We've created this little space online to document our travels, adventures, and trivial "everyday" news. :) 

Most recent to report are:

Nash got accepted to The Master's Seminary! Oh, yeah! He also started a new job, utilizing his LVN license. He absolutely loves coming home to uniquely cooked dinners. Part of his chores are doing the dishes. He rocks at it. He's also doing an amazing job leading and guiding, doing the husband thing. 

Rachel quit her day job! She's been tapping into her #bosslady skills and rocking the Indie Small Biz gig. Check out some of her jewelry here. She is enjoying homemaking like no other-- always baking and having people over. She's faithfully discipling 2 girls, including her no-longer-baby-sister, Sarah. 

We're both leaving for Greece in 22 days! Well, Boston, Denmark, Greece and Rome. ;) We'll definitely keep you posted. 


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