Serbia, Athens and Thessaloniki

On our last day in Copenhagen, we decided to visit a few key places and enjoyed as much as we could before heading to the airport for our 6pm flight. 

We did our daily biblestudy at the Rosenburg Castle and got to see some nice monuments that we had missed the day prior. (Hans Christian Andersen pictured above). We went and saw a vast collection of Islamic art. "The David Collection" housed some of the oldest pieces in Islamic history, with a little bit of European and particularly Danish art. 

Air Serbia has been, by far, the best airline we have taken as they serve free food! Like, meals! We had a hot meal on our first flight and a cold sandwich on the second. It was complete with dessert and drink. 

Seeing the Duty free stores in Denmark were pretty funny. 

This layover consisted of Copenhagen-Serbia-Athens-Thessaloniki 


The Help 

1 Thessalonians


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