Layover Chronicles: Park Street Church

It's Sunday! We had the option of going to church in Copenhagen tonight, or catch a morning service in Boston. Since we had plenty of time to kill (plus we were  pretty hungry), we decided to exit the airport and find a local church.

We came across a Memorial Day weekend run. 

The beautiful Bostonian streets were empty! It was like stepping into a Hollywood set.

We had missed the first morning service and ended up attending the 11:00 one. We grabbed a Dunkin Donuts meal and sat and ate on the lawn of this beautiful park adjacent the church. 

It was such a blessing to join in the fellowship of the church and hear the preaching from a missionary from Mozambique, Stuart Foster. He preached on psalm 26 about foolishness and the hope that even fools like me have in Christ. We had the opportunity to talk with him afterwards about ministry and missions' hardships and blessings. 

Now, back at the airport, we await WOW airlines to open up so we can shop in the airport mall ;)


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