Kobenhavn Botanisk Have

The Botanical Gardens was among our first stops in terms of iconic landmarks. It is located right across the street from the Rosenburg Castle, about a bus ride from our apartment.

We had actually strolled in by accident. It was among the places to visit on our itinerary, however it was there right when we got off of the bus. We were looking for the next bus to get on when we walked past this and being the free bird that I am, started heading in through the gate because something caught my attention. (That was a cafe, btw)

For a gloomy day, this was actually a perfect visit. Everything looked so serene and there was a drizzle that would come and go. There was not a lot of people and everything was so clear. 

We saw a turtle, some swans and a lot of sucks near the Lilly pads. My allergies started acting up about 20 minutes after we got there, but it was pretty worth it. We've got better photos on the DSLR, which we will post when we get home.


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