Adventures in Copenhagen

Nash and I wanted to experience Copenhagen in it's entirety, so we got up at 5 to see the sunrise and observe what these people do out in the streets so early. 

Braving the cold in flip flops... I have decent shoes (thanks to my mommy) but since it was a mile walk, I decided to wear my favorite slippers.

Everything was still closed, so we had to wait around a bit. We decided to go into the local grocery store and get some lunch meat and bread to make sandwiches and snacks for in-between meals, in case we cannot find a decent place to stop and eat.

It was pretty fun to see what their interpretation of what American food looks like. 

I wish street signs were this beautiful in So Cal!

Look how big that sidewalk is?? The streets are super small.

Nash mapping out our day trip to explore downtown Copenhagen. ;) 

After getting to see what's going in the day, we will be visiting a pub to experience their night life ;) 


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